Craft Software for Music Tech

We are a small, boutiquey outfit specializing in bespoke software services for the music industry.

We approach engineering as craft, and are longtime practitioners in music technology.

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We only do a couple of things but we do them extremely well.

Engineering Leadership

CTO and Head of Engineering expertise to help drive innovation, accelerate your product velocity, recruit technical talent, raise engineering excellence, reorg engineering teams, negotiate vendor contracts, and more. Board-friendly and customer-centric.

Software Architecture

With many years of experience building software products and platforms for Silicon Valley companies from BigTech to startups, we have the engineering expertise to ensure core application stacks are stable, designed properly, built for scale and help reduce techical debt. We work well independently or alongside your existing teams.


Our recent work revolves primarily around music technology and we leverage many years of experience building products for Silicon Valley tech companies.

Data Analytics Platform for the Music Industry

Best in class data analytics software tracking almost everything about artists and their music. The leading product used by a broad spectrum of the music industry and beyond to make data-informed business decisions.

Content Identification System for Derivative Music

Patented heuristics-based music identification technology designed to identify master recordings that have been modified in creator-generated content, such as in the form of DJ mixes, remixes, mashups and more.

Content Distribution Service for DJ Mixes & Remixes

Content distribution service, codifying DJ mixes/remixes into DDEX-based and proprietary format packages with encoded audio, and delivering to various DSPs.

Royalties Administration System for DJ Mixes & Remixes

Compile weekly + monthly DSP reports to forecast streaming revenues to rightsholders. Capable of calculating revenue distribution across multiple tracks of single-audio-file DJ Mixes.

Catalog Ingestion System with Rights Management Engine

DDEX-based ingestion of music catalogs, with de-duplication and rightsholder linking.

Ticketed Live Streaming Platform for Artists and Creators

Pioneering live-streaming platform for artists and creators, ticketed and monetizable from inception.


You're in good company.

Led by Jay Hung, a long-time CTO and technology executive, we've built innovative products for a large handful of music-related organizations, and an even longer list of Silicon Valley tech companies. Here's a small sampling of brands our people have worked with.