Software Architecture

Senior engineers to help you ensure your application stack is designed and built properly, enabling scalability and reducing tech debt.

Having a smart and well-thought-out software architecture goes a long way to ensure the future viability, adaptability and scalability of your software and products. For modern application stacks, it often extends beyond the design of your core software and into how your stack should be integrated with each other. From protocols, to caching, to data modeling, to API and microservices, to cloud services, and more.

In the early stages of a software product’s lifecycle, it is especially crucial to establish a strong foundation from which to build your product on top of. This improves clarity, maintainability, and development efficiency. It also minimizes technical debt, and keeps your team from making mistakes that may hinder your software’s usability, functionality, or extensibility.

As your software matures in the mid to later stages of it’s lifecycle, new decisions may need to be made that wasn’t practical or relevant before. Such as considerations for data warehousing, analytics and business intelligence integrations, performance and scalability, and so on.

Our team has experience building and architecting numerous platforms that are in the market today:

  • consumer-targeted portals
  • digital media and content management platforms
  • recipe content and video platforms
  • community and social network platforms
  • music analysis, distribution, and rights management platforms
  • enterprise SaaS platforms
  • event-driven consumer ticketing platforms

Our Superpowers

  • Data Modeling and Database Design
  • Software/Application Architecture
  • API Design; Microservices Design
  • Systems/Platform Architecture & Integration
  • Redundancy & Addressing SPOFs
  • Performance & Caching Strategies
  • Technology Evaluation & Adoption
  • Capacity Planning
  • Cloud Strategy